iWNG: Wrestling Name Generator for iPhone/iPod touch
What'cha Gonna Do?!?

UPDATED 12/17/2009!

FREE Version released! What do you have to lose?!?!?

Version 1.1

What's new in this version:

This version corrects two bugs:

* The application was crashing at launch when the user had no contacts, or only one or two contacts in the contact list - FIXED!

* The application was crashing when certain short or special names were entered... hmm, did YOU find any of THOSE?


What is your Pro Wrestling Name? I bet not a day goes by that you don't ask yourself that very question.

The Hyperspectives team has joined forces with Jeff Kujath from the amazingly popular wrestlingname.com to bring you this entertaining program on your iPhone and iPod Touch!

This will take your real name (or maybe the names of your friends, family, celebrities...) and show you what your Pro Wrestling name should be!  You may also find many of the hundreds of easter eggs by typing other well known names, words,  and/or phrases.

No Internet connection required!

Are you a Diva?  Maybe you have a secret desire to be one (not that there's anything wrong with that)?  Or maybe you just want a Diva Wrestling Name?  No Problem, because iWNG can generate BOTH Male and Diva Wrestling Names!

How about generating wrestling names based on your Contact List?  The Pro Wrestling Name Generator for iPhone and iPod touch will automagically generate both Male and Diva names for your entire Contact List!

Quick Tips:

To use the Wrestling Name Generator on your iPhone or iPod touch, just use the popup keyboard to enter a name and press the "Go" button.

- tap the text entry field for keyboard

- tap the Diva icon to switch to the Diva version if iWNG
- tap the Male icon to switch to the Male version of iWNG
- tap the About icon to view app information such as version, credits, support, etc.
- tap the Pals icon to use your Contact List on your iPhone/iPod touch!
- tap the Reset button to reset the screen

So what'cha gonna do? Go on to the App Store now and see for yourself!

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